Guilty for being pregnant

From ‘K’:

Hey all i totally understand where your coming from. 5 months ago i went to my jobcentre in basildon and spoke to my advisor – i wanted to do a course before that and they refused because it was too expensive. At the time i had a year and a half old baby daughter and my advisor said to me that they would have to think about stopping my claim to benefit because i hadn’t gone for the course i wanted to do but they wouldn’t pay for it. how is that anything to do with me?

Also i told her i was pregnant again and expecting my new baby in May’ I got basically made to feel guilty and bad about falling pregnant again. Now not being funny but if i want to have a baby i will have a baby. So i got that and also was threatened that my money was going to be stopped. how the hell is that support when really single parents aren’t supposed to be forced into work until their child is at least 12 but i would opt for when they are both in full time qualification.

I have another appointment to see this nasty piece of work on the 18th and i will be making it clear to the manager that she has acted unprofessionally and needs to be either put on leave to retrain and learn to respect others. or better still get her sacked. i aint taking this crap – they can’t do what she said she would do with me. It’s ilegal to leave a single mum without any means of feeding her children as well as keeping a roof over their heads. if i don’t get a decent reply and they do nothing i will take it to the higher board advisors. they can not get away with that kinda thing. its disgusting threatning young pregnant women with children.

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  1. Am I in a time warp? in 1977 I volunteered at Blackfriar’s Settlement and had very similar altercations to those reported here with the Department of Stealth and Total Obscurity.

    I’m not sure if this helps, but I understand the US is even more kafkaesque – maybe Job centres are getting their ideas from the US!

  2. i understand completely what u mean i went to job center plus ealing to tell thenm change of circomstance i was pregnant with baby number 2 and the lady i saw had the cheek to ask me when and where my baby was concieved lol its mad they can treat u like that .i will give you some advice though i have a briliant lawyer and he informed me it is against your human rights to have to answer some of there questions i am contomplating suewing them.

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