‘She doesn’t know anything about benefits!’

From ‘B Turner’:

I was in my Jobcentre and made a complaint about them messing up my claim.  They told me they couldn’t sort it out from their office.

I asked the manager if her deputy couldn’t sort it out.  She laughed and said, ‘she can’t do it – she doesn’t know anything about benefits!’

So why’s she a deputy manager in a jobcentre then?!

3 Responses

  1. It seems that workers in the JObcentre aren’t responsible for claims and it’s the Benefit Delivery Centre you have to contact. It would be nice if they explained this system to new claimants who, like me when I first claimed 6 months ago, had no idea that the BDC even existed or what its role was. One woman I spoke to at the BDC made a snide comment about me not knowing the difference between the Jobcentre, the call centre and the BDC. (why should I know?)

    They mess up everyone’s claims anyway and they couldn’t be any less helpful when you try to get them to sort out the mess they’ve made.

  2. When you first make a claim to benefit (I.e. JSA) you need to ring the Jobcentre Plus contact centre who will take all your personal and work details (if applicable) to make the claim.

    The contact centre will book you a Work Focussed Interview (WFI) at your local Jobcentre Plus office (the office in your local town).

    The local Jobcentre will interview you and work out ways in which you will actively seek and find work. You will sign a Jobseekers Agreement (Jsag) to this affect.

    When the local Jobcentre have confirmed your initial attendance at the WFI they will notify the…

    Benefit Delivery Centre (BDC) who will process your claim to benefit and pay any money that is due to you.

    If you have any payment queries you must contact the BDC. If you have any queries about your looking for work you must speak to your local Jobcentre.

    Hope this helps?

  3. I am just contacting you as I am doing some research into how the Jobcentre system hinders rather than helps people who are looking for work or unable to work for any reason. The kind of thing you have talked about is exactly the type of experience I would be interested in knowing more about. I was wondering if you would be interested in telling me about your experiences? It would be a really informal chat, and completely confidential.

    If you would be interested, please let me know. You can email me on salonika.acharya@ymail.com


    Sal x

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