How the unemployed people’s money is spent

When The Hackney job centre sent the worker to the working links.

They sent you the training mostly by the computer, which costs £4000 pounds for this self study without the teachers in the dusty , dirty room and dark class room.

You could get one CD form £5 any good a computer shop SO The working Links With many fear they get as the company £ 3995 pounds The PROFIT.

Also other company like the New Metropolitan College.  People are sent to learn english but the teachers they do not speak english.

But in the college many millions spend for the government party and the parties. All money allocated for the immigrant workers is thrown away..

Now is the time to stop to tell the lies about the money used for them. Respect and justice to all workers.

We have to life to life to live to  !!!!

2 Responses

  1. Working Links employs English-speaking personnel. It appears, you need to learn English first.

    • The teachers at Metropole generally speak good English and are well qualified. They are poorly paid, however, and work extremely hard for their money. Too hard. The students who want to learn get a good deal – it’s free! Those who just want to collect their IS or JSA and moan, make learning difficult for everyone.

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