“The shit over there”

From ‘lola’:

I was in Peckham Jobcentre and I overheard one of the staff members describe the clients as “the shit over there”. This is the kind of attitude and mentality some of the Job centre staff have.

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  1. Can this website be about how people on sickness benefit get royally messed with or should we start a separate blog?!

    Ps I left a comment because I wasn’t sure how else to post- sorry if that was wrong :s

  2. i was waiting to see my idiot ndpa and an ea who is a complete bully and i mean a bully made a comment about someone who was late for an appointment saying persons who are late dont want to work turned out he had been sitting downstairs in reception and noone had bothered to phone the ea to say the person was in to see them
    no doubt the ea would try to use that as an excuse for benefit sanctioning ie late for appointment this same ea put me forward for a job working in a bookies and when i said i couldnt do betting odds he told me that if i put that on the application form or mentioned it at interview he would sanction my benefit when i phoned the recruitment line that was the first question asked! when i said the jc had told me i had to apply and benefit sanctions threatened if i stated i couldnt do betting odds i was advised to put down willing to undergo training also had to do online psychometric test(for working in a bookies come on) and made sure the answers given ensured i failed as an application form was only sent out if you passed the test
    at next interview with bully ea told him i had to do the test and email back said i had failed it pointed out to him that persons who signed on spent the day in the bookies including persons he had interviewed and sugjgested they would be more suited for the job and if he cared to check the bookies(there was already one but this one was due to open shortly) he would see who i meant no doubt he didnt bother
    on a previous occasion he told me he could phone an employer and find out why i hadnt been offered a job i had been interviewed for and on the basis of the reply would decide whether to sanction my benefit or not surely if the reply he got was he wasnt suitable wouldnt justify benefit sanctioning yet a job i applied for with lidl which i didnt get when i phoned to find out why they wouldnt tell me yet this muppet can phone up and be given an answer maybe if i had told lidl i was an ea they would have given the information? though lidl did say to write in and i would get the information.
    i always thought job applications were private and confidential between the applicant and the prospective employer

  3. Your the employer of the people who work in jobcenters. without the unemployed what would they do?

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