“The shit over there”

From ‘lola’:

I was in Peckham Jobcentre and I overheard one of the staff members describe the clients as “the shit over there”. This is the kind of attitude and mentality some of the Job centre staff have.

‘You don’t look sick – you’re wearing hair gel!’

From ‘notsickenough’:

I went in to get my employment support allowance – I had a doctors note and everything else I needed. The woman at the desk looked at me and said: ‘you don’t look sick – you’re wearing hair gel!’ and refused to give me anything.

I needed the money – my wife’s pregnant. When I said this the staff said, ‘you’re unemployed so why did you let your wife get pregnant?’

Unbelievable – everytime we go they speak to us like this.

From a Hackney claimant

The Manager of the Hackney Jobcentre was overheard on the 30th July telling one of our local unemployed workers who he was dealing with, that if any of his staff are too friendly and helpful with the claimants he gets rid of them.

So helping you and giving you the benefits you are legally entitled to, is not what they are trying to achieve there.

This is the clearest indication yet of the culture of intimidation and lack of respect you can expect to find at the Hackney Jobcentre. This is from the man who hires and fires his staff until he has just the right kind of people working for him, who are going to do their level best to mess you around and catch you out at every possible turn.  If they can kick you off Jobseekers allowance and stop your benefits altogether then that is a good day for them.

In fact knocking people off of Jobseekers allowance for any reason they can find is what they are trying to do.