What are we doing here?

This site has been set up by unemployed workers / claimants to share our gripes and all the nonsense we get at the Jobcentre. With record unemployment people all around the country are dealing with the same shit and getting treated badly on a daily basis. This is a place we can share our stories, work out ways to support, defend one another and develop a united voice.

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  1. The Manager of the Hackney Jobcentre was overheard on the 30th July telling one of our local unemployed workers who he was dealing with, that if any of his staff are too friendly and helpful with the claimants he gets rid of them.
    So helping you and giving you the benefits you are legally entitled to, is not what they are trying to achieve there.
    This is the clearest indication yet of the culture of intimidation and lack of respect you can expect to find at the Hackney Jobcentre. This is from the man who hires and fires his staff until he has just the right kind of people working for him, who are going to do their level best to mess you around and catch you out at every possible turn. If they can kick you off Jobseekers allowance and stop your benefits altogether then that is a good day for them.
    In fact knocking people off of Jobseekers allowance for any reason they can find is what they are trying to do.

  2. I like what you are doing, keep it up!

    I run a network of sites regarding job centre, new deal and new deal providers.

  3. On the verge of typing, I realised I would be duplicating the above comment, “I like what you are doing”. I will be spreading the word among politically activist friends. I think you should let Polly Townby know about this – In her Guardian column she is ever vigilant in defence of the poor.

    And to think that according to polls a Tory government is imminent – how much worse can things get?!! I hope to Darwin we don’t find out.

    • Well, I used to think Toynby was good on that issue at least …
      She has since turned into a raving racist (obviously was all along)
      & exposed her true colours on this one too

  4. Sorry, Polly Toynbee, I meant. I’m all of a dither since The Tory conference.

  5. The job center send me for jobs in administration
    even toou I have worked with my hands I am not good with computers aged 58 I seem to be persecuted for not finding a job if I pretended I was sick I might have been better off cold weather payments ,extra THIRTY POUNDS a week you see them laUghing out side PUBS, and the goverment persecute me GET THESE ACTORS BACK TO WORK THEY ARE COSTING THE COUNTRY A FORTUNE

  6. Sorry the job centre aren’t sending you for appropriate jobs David. There may be a few people on incapacity benefit that are not that ill but far more people are very ill indeed and are being told that they are not eligible due to ludicrous tests recently put in place that go through various procedures that are inappropriate in testing for various maladies. This happened to a friend of mine recently who eventually won his claim through a tribunal and quite rightly! I’m glad that people are laughing outside of pubs. I am sure they are not costing the country much compared to super rich capitalists who do anything to avoid paying taxes; compared to money spent on arms/war/murder; compared to ludicrous bonuses paid to incompetent, avaricious bankers …

  7. Hi all, I’m helping research a news piece on the new cap on housing benefits – coming into force next April. Wil anyone here (in private rented accomodation) be short-changed as a result?

    you can call me on: 0207 782 2550
    or email:

    thanks for your help!

    Emily, x

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